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You must have an account to bid on an item. You can create that at My Account.

Overtime Bidding

If a bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of an auction, the auction will be extended an additional 5 minutes. This helps protect you from someone bidding in the last minute, and “sniping” the winning bid.


Auto-bidding allows you to set your max bid (the most you would want to pay for an item), and the system will bid up to that amount for you.

For instance, suppose you see an item and the current bid is at $10. You know you would spend up to $50 for that item, so you bid “50”. The system will put your bid at $11 ($1 higher than the current bid). Then John, a new user, makes a bid in the amount of $20. The system records John’s bid of $20, and then automatically bids $21 for you. You will still be the highest bidder, without even being next to your computer. 

If you’re getting outbid right away, that means someone else has put in a max bid higher than yours.

If your bid is showing the same number as someone else’s bid, that’s due to automatic bidding. The other bidder has already placed an automatic bid for the same amount. The bidder that has the earliest bid time (with their automatic bid) will be the winner if the auction ends there. 

Bid Up Increments

When you use auto-bidding and someone else bids, the system will place a higher bid on your behalf. The amount the bid increases will depend on the price of the bid. When the bid price is low, it will be a small increment. When the price is higher, the bid increment increases as well. See below for exact details.

Current Price Bid Increment
$0 – $100 $1
$101 – $200 $2
$201 – $300 $5
$301 – $500 $10
$501 – $1000 $20
$1000 and up $30

Buy Now Button

If you would like to buy the item outright without bidding, you may select “Buy Now” on the product page. There will be a set price you can pay to bypass the bidding process. However, once the bidding price is the same as or higher than the Buy Now price, the Buy Now button will automatically be removed. 

Payment for Won Auctions

Once you have won an auction, you must pay for your item by the time listed at the top of the Shop page or the item will be offered to the next highest bidder. 

You will receive an email telling you that you have won, and you will be prompted to pay. You can also pay for your item by logging into your account.

Picking Up Your Items

Your items must be picked up during the hours listed at the top of the Shop page. If you do not pick up your items during this time, items will be forfeited.

We are doing our part to stagger pickup times, so please abide by the rules: if your last name begins with letters A-M, pick up your item on Sunday between 12pm-3pm. If your last name begins with letters N-Z, pick up your items on Sunday between 3pm-6pm. Please maintain social distance when picking up your items. 

Curbside Pickup

We are offering curbside pickup on all items besides furniture. At the pickup location, there will be a sign with a number you can call if you’d like your items brought out to you.

Moving an Item

If you need help, you can give us a call at 402-805-0751. We can help you contact a person to hire to move your items. 

Sales Tax

According to Nebraska law, sales tax must be charged on all items sold via auction. Sales tax of 7.25% will be applied at check out. If you have a tax exempt ID, you can fill out that information in My Account under the “Tax Exemption” tab. Your information will require approval. 

Bidding Tips

  • Click on the item to view details
  • When entering bid amounts, enter full dollars amounts only and NO dollar signs
  • If you would like to buy the item outright without bidding, you may select “Buy Now”. There will be a set price.
  • Deadline for paying and pick-up times are on the top of the Shop page.

Lowering or Cancelling Your Bid

  • You cannot lower your max bid once entered
  • You cannot stop Auto-bidding.
  • In some limited cases, you may cancel your bid. For example, if you meant to bid $10 and you accidentally bid $100. In this case, give us a call at 402-805-0751.

Whenever you place a bid, you are agreeing to buy that item at the price listed. Please use caution when you bid. If you set a price, you are committing to pay that price. Abuse of this may restrict your ability to participate in the future.