Upcoming Sales: 1900 Kings Hwy - May 26th & 27th 1430 Ridgeway Rd - June 2nd & 3rd 5816 Fieldcrest Way - June 9th & 10th

Mini Estate Sale

That’s right!  I’m calling it!  We’re having a mini estate sale!  So what’s a mini estate sale? Well, pretty much how it sounds.  My neighborhood,

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Estate Sales today

First Appraisal

I landed my first appraisal gig! Yay! Go ME! Wait..what?? Bassetts’ Estate Sales doesn’t do appraisals. That’s true we don’t, but our team member, my

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Spring Decluttering

It’s springtime and that means it’s Spring Cleaning Time! Yay! But I’m not talking about cleaning, I’m talking about Spring “Decluttering.” Most people don’t enjoy

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