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Happy Monday! Or is it Sunday?! This shelter at home deal has got me all off schedule! I’m sure I’m not the only one, so I guess I feel better knowing I’m not alone. It’s been hard switching gears back to stay-at-home mom, with the kiddos out of school. They do their homework and mostly […]

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I have mentioned that my parents collect antiques. I grew up in a house of many beautiful antiques and collectibles – and we weren’t allowed to touch anything! It was like growing up in a museum. As a kid, I didn’t appreciate the value and beauty of the items, but as an adult, I have

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That’s right!  I’m calling it!  We’re having a mini estate sale!  So what’s a mini estate sale? Well, pretty much how it sounds.  My neighborhood, Parkers Landing, is having a neighborhood garage sale May 31st and June 1st.  Why not take advantage of the traffic and hold a sale in my garage!  It really makes

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Estate Sales today

I landed my first appraisal gig! Yay! Go ME! Wait..what?? Bassetts’ Estate Sales doesn’t do appraisals. That’s true we don’t, but our team member, my dad, Tom Bassett does do appraisals. So, here’s what happened. My dad was doing a presentation for St. Paul Methodist Church for their senior group. Well, this is right up

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It’s springtime and that means it’s Spring Cleaning Time! Yay! But I’m not talking about cleaning, I’m talking about Spring “Decluttering.” Most people don’t enjoy it, but just think about how great if feels when it’s done. Now you don’t have to throw away or donate everything in your house, garage and attic – no,

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estate sale finder

Well Folks, Bassetts’ Estate Sales held their first sale. We believe it was quite a success, but of course, lessons have been learned! “Live and Learn” they say and it’s true. Learning is best done through experience. The first sale was an amazing experience and we learned so much – ways to grow, make our business better

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We are so excited to begin this amazing business! We are Bassetts’ Estate Sales.  As the name suggests, we specialize in estate sales. An estate sale is like a glorified garage sale. We sell the entire contents of a home in two days! It’s a solution people turn to when they find themselves in a life

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