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Estate Sales

How do estate sales work?

The process for Estate Sales can be overwhelming. With Bassetts’ Estate Sales, we handle every phase of the process, so you can be rest assured and focus on what really matters. But you won’t be in the dark on how your estate is being handled. Below is a step by step guide on what you can expect from the first call to the end result. 


walk-through, consultation & contract

Estate Sales today

Walk-through, consultation & contract

Bassetts’ Estate Sales will happily take the time to meet with clients to view a potential sale location. We will do a walk-through of the home, discuss the items to be sold and provide consultation on how to proceed. We will review our contract and outline our services that will best suit our client’s needs. Whether it’s a future sale or consultation on sorting and organizing, contact us and we will provide a no obligation estimate for our services. If you think you don’t have enough to hold an estate sale, see our Estate Sale Add-On service.


organize, price & advertise

Organizing for the Sale

Before organizing, the client needs to decide what to sell and we are there to help! It’s a difficult process to let go of your personal items. Our expertise in valuing collectibles and antiques will help clients decide to keep or sell their personal items. After all the items that are to be sold remain in the home, we begin the organizing process. The team goes room by room making sure each item is on display for maximum exposure.

Estate sale for downsizing
Estate sales near me


Pricing is perhaps the most important process to make any sale successful! Our expert appraiser, Tom Bassett, will help make valuable items priced fair and marketable. Even items that seem like they wouldn’t be worth much can make the client money. It also gives the buyers an opportunity to purchase household goods at a great price.


Bassetts’ Estate Sales will take care of all the advertising to bring the buyers to the sale. Internet exposure is one of the top ways to reach people. We will advertise on several websites, including our own of course, estatesales.com and craigslist. Social media is key as well. We have a Facebook page and Instagram for buyers to keep up to date on sales. We will photograph the sale items and highlight great buys and special collectibles.

How to find estate sales


sale, signage & service

Estate sale finder

The sale

Our smiling staff runs a multi-day sale where we help customers in their buying decisions. We answer questions and talk to the customers with no hassle on your part.


Signage outside and inside the sale are imperative. Directional signage at major intersections will be displayed to guide buyers to the sale location. A large sign at the home will make it easy to find the sale. Parking/No Parking signs will be up to help traffic run smoothly around the sale. Signage on the inside of the home is just as important. They provide information regarding hours, pricing and “rules” of the sale.

Estate Sales today
Lady with antiques Bassetts' Estate Sales


Bassetts’ Estate Sales has a team that is dedicated to not only the client but the buyers of the sale. The team will be stationed throughout the home to answer questions, provide assistance and keep the sale location clean and accessible.


clean out & Settle the sale

clean out

Any items that are left unsold from the sale, Bassetts’ Estate Sales will take care of it! All items will be packed up and removed from the home. Items will be distributed as directed by the client. We will leave the home ready for the next step.

Local estate sales
Local estate sales

settle the sale

The final step to any sale is the payment after the sale. Bassett’s Estate Sales keeps a particular percentage, as agreed upon in the contract, of the sale proceeds. Any item that is sold is logged and this list will be provided to the client at the settlement. Within 10 business days, the client will receive their payment.

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