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Introducing Bassetts’ Estate Sales “Challenge…Accepted”

We are so excited to begin this amazing business! We are Bassetts’ Estate Sales. 

As the name suggests, we specialize in estate sales. An estate sale is like a glorified garage sale. We sell the entire contents of a home in two days! It’s a solution people turn to when they find themselves in a life changing situation. You may be moving to a smaller home or an apartment and you can’t take all your items with you. You may have a family member moving to an assisted living facility and you need help finding new homes for all the personal items of your loved one. In some cases, a family member may have passed away and that can be a difficult task dealing with a home full of items. We are here to help! We sort and organize those items and help you decide what items to keep and what to sell. Once that is done, we stage and price all the items to sell. We hold a two day sale in the house to sell all the personal items. Sell Sell Sell! We don’t stop there! After the sale, we take the remaining items, pack them up and leave the house clear for the next step.

People moving Bassetts' Estate Sales

So what about us? Who are we? I’m Amy Truell and I’m the founder of this great company! My maiden name is Bassett, so technically I’m still in the family. I have such a passion for helping people and my knowledge in antiques, collectibles and my organizational skills brought me to starting this business. My father, Tom Bassett, is the expert Appraiser! He has over 50 years of experience in auctions, collecting, buying and selling, appraising and teaching the ways of bargain hunting. He brings so much to our business, we couldn’t be happier to have him on the team (and he’s my dad, so I kind of had to include him).

My brother, Reed Bassett, is the teams’ customer service master. He has been working in the largest antique store in Nebraska and sees all the antiques you’d ever want to in your lifetime! He is so personable, it’s hard not to like him (and again, he’s my brother, I have to like him). We are a very close and happy family and we share the same interest in buying and selling and collecting that it only makes sense we are doing this together. We also share a great sense of humor; you will be delighted and tickled working with us!

Now back to business, Bassetts’ Estate Sales will also help you with your move. Yes, we’ll do more than just hold a sale! We can sort, pack and assist moving you to your new location. Leave the hard work to us! But wait there’s more: We will be happy to hold a consultation with you to just help declutter your current home.

Our goal is to take on the hard work and give you the peace of mind during a difficult life changing situation. We have passion, knowledge and focus to have a smooth transition. This is why we say “Challenge…Accepted.” Your challenge is our goal to solve.

We can’t be more excited to begin this amazing journey! This is just a quick introduction to us and our business, so follow us on our website, Facebook and Instagram or sign up for emails to keep up with us as we grow. You’ll see upcoming sales, tips and stories on our blog, and a good chance to learn and laugh! We look forward to serving you! You have a Challenge? We Accept!